Science Approved: Spirituality Can Help Make You Healthier

For decades now, scientist have taken an interest in observing the effects of spirituality on health. The growing evidence shows that greater spirituality equaled better mental health no matter the religion or health behaviors. Studies show that a spiritual outlook of any perspective makes humans more airy to trauma.

What does being spiritual actually mean?

Spirituality is defined as the profound belief that you are connected to a higher power managing the universe, much higher than yourself. Its the belief of a deeper meaning in life that makes you feel connected to every aspect of earth.

What is science observing?

Science has viewed spirituality in multiple ways, with regard to religious practices and a person’s take on life. An analysis of more than 450 studies found a strong relation between improved dealing with adversity and greater spirituality in people dealing with stressful situations. The same author accumulated evidence of a positive bond between spirituality and happiness, and better social support.

There is a huge amount of research on this subject and the trend shows that spiritual practices improve social support, and promote health behavior, reducing stressful feelings, and invites a sense of peace. Scientifically there is not much evidence to prove that healthier people are more spiritual, but the research shows the benefits of having a spiritual life.

How can you manifest spirituality?

Give it a try! you can create a sense of spirituality in a way that has meaning to you. Including:


1. Taking mindful hikes filled with gratitude and peace when in nature.

2. Studying a religious belief that interests you.

3. Creating a meditation practice and using prayer to open up.

4. Volunteering with a spiritual organization that is involved in a cause you care about.

5. Ask questions.

6. Joining a spiritual community.

7. Examining your own feelings around your idea of faith.

Examine your attitudes, social support, and other factors that aid in your spiritual wellness. Never underestimate nature.

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Photo Credit: Pexels




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