Show Your Stomach All The Love This Summer: Five Ways To Do It

We all have had that gut feeling- tired, bad digestion, or just completely bloated. This is mostly true after extreme winter months when we might have dipped in a few bad for your gut comfort foods; the change of the season is good for resets. You do not necessarily have to do a juice detox to clean your gut problems. Summer is the best time to detox the digestive track and give it a boost it needs. The body is super smart: it knows spring is renewal time, and also time to declutter waste. Researchers have found direct links to the stomach and mind. In simpler words, our food affects our moods. After a good gut hug you will feel refreshed and your digestive system will be working smoothly. Try to stick with it for at least a month, but any time is beneficial.

1. Celery juice to start your day

Celery juice is filled with minerals that help your digestive tract absorb nutrients and process food better, the minerals found in celery juice also nourish the body completely.

2. Pre and Probiotics are your friends and food

Probiotics help your gut with absorption and many other digestive issues. However some probiotics are made differently. Many over the counter probiotics are only useful for a short amount of time. Ideal are the probiotics that rebuild your natural flora.

Fermented herbs are a great way to replenish your flora, giving you probiotics in addition to digestive health of herbs. Just like the skin on our bodies it has its own microbiology, so do fruits and vegetables we consume. If you choose fruits and vegetables and you are completely sure of where they are sourced from go ahead and eat the skin too!

3. Avoid animals and processed foods

Most processed foods have artificial flavors and additives and many chemicals. Those flavors can host many things such as dairy products and meat which are difficult for your body to digest in large amounts. Give your system a break during the detox. For three whole weeks focus on eating plant based foods, go organic whenever possible. You will feel like you are on a new level while getting plenty of protein. Grains will keep you feeling full and energized. Get your daily intake of all nutrients like vitamin k2 (we lack these days)  from leafy green vegetables.

4. Gluten and soy free

Try throwing out the gluten and soy for a while, not forever! Gluten and soy can be a burden on your gut. Removing them from your diet will speed up rejuvenation in your gut microbiota.

5. Meditate

So much research has been performed on the benefits of meditation. It helps relieve digestive stress and regulate the nervous systems. When we are stressed we activate the sympathetic nervous system. The fight response in the body, and it literally shuts down our digestive system. We have to activate our parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest system. When you do this you maximize your ability to digest food.

Give your stomach the summer clean it deserves. Feel refreshed now!

Photo Credit: pexels


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