Good Vibes + Raise Yours Now

These days everyone has social media accounts and they are filled with notions such as “Good vibes only” or “Vibes” intertwining with certain phrases. Of course we do not really take into consideration what we are really saying and the deeper definition of the meaning of the word, vibe.


Let’s take it all the way back to third-grade science class, when we learned that everything in the universe is made up of atoms. Inside of an atom, there are subatomic particles like electrons, protons, and neutrons. When you look at an object such as a shoe, a chair, or a plane, you’re only seeing the physical part of the atom, which is not even 1% of it! So what is the other 99%? Energy waves. Energy waves vibrate at high or low—fast or slow—frequencies.

Realize that stress is a vibration that needs to pass in order for us to keep moving.

We, are also made up of atoms that are always emitting and absorbing light and energy. For example, have you ever been up all night stressed about midterms, or maybe next months rent, only to wake up in the morning and find that everything feels all right again? This might have something to do with light having a high vibration and darkness having a lower one.

Why do we need high vibrations?

Everything that manifest within our lives is a reflection of your vibration. When you commit to high vibrations, you have a life full of happiness. You become more aligned, and connected with your intuition, and you can easily move through your emotions. So why shouldn’t a higher vibration equate to a more positive life?

You can raise your vibration through actions and thoughts. Its normal to have negative thoughts every now and again but the most important thing to remember is to move past those negative thoughts. Stress is energy that needs to move through your body and you have to let it travel so that your vibrations remain stably high.

Raise my vibrations?

Feel free to test out these ways to raise your vibrations and enter some mental clarity.

1. Gratitude:

Write down three things you are grateful for right now. And don’t just mindlessly jot down things such as being alive really feel the gratitude through the pen. Focus on the gratitude taking control deep down in your soul.

2. Kindness:

Walk down the street for a few minutes and I can almost certain you there will be an opportunity to do something kind for someone else. Whether it’s helping an old lady with directions or simply offering a smile.

3. Sunshine:

Vitamin D! we need all that we can take. So get your walking shoes on and get going on a nature hike.

4. Creativity:

Get going already. We all have our ways of being creative. Music, dancing, drawing go get going now.

5. Exercise:

Simple things such as stretching or even lifting weights. Get the sweat dripping so that those vibes can raise.

6. Hugging:

Hug some one now. But do not be creepy!

7. Earthing:

Go barefoot! Get your feet in the grass and soak up those free electrons from Mother Earth!

8. Dancing:

Turn on the beats and get going! Boogie all the way down.


These crystals and essential oils can help you start on your high vibe journey.

Photo Credit: Pexels



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