Crystal Rituals + Get the Boost You Need Now

Beauty gurus suggest you throw out your make up that is over two months old. But what about the beauty advice we still hold on to? Just as bad as expired lipstick, are the expired lies about beauty our society fills our heads with.

As women we get a lot of stress finding out what clothes to buy and how to be better. We are constantly bombarded with advice via beauty. The best tip we could every receive, that you have probably heard is that beauty comes from within.

Beauty has way less to do with what you have on, and way more to do with what type of energy you are giving off. Beauty is the glow that is radiating when you are boosting with confidence and self worth. These traits are what really leave the last impression on people. To enhance your beauty lay off the YouTube videos and focus on the beauty with in!


For Beauty.


Sun Stone. Sunstone is the stone for sensuality. It keeps our sensual essence powered within us, and encourages it to shower outward instead. As Sunstone carries the energy of the sun, it has the ability to shine light back into our life and our brilliant being.

Sunstone ritual:

Before going out or with a partner, put a sunstone over the second chakra and say out loud: “I am a sensual being.” Feel the glowing of the stone’s energy expanding over your second chakra (three inches below the navel), and blending you with sexuality. Sit with it on your body for 11 minutes

For Radiance.


Aura spirit quartz is the crystal of radiance because it holds every color, and dimensions and energy within itself. Spirit quartz has energy that beams in every direction because of all the points on the crystal. The pure energy reflected through light casts rainbows throughout yourself that expand outward into your aura.

Radiance Ritual:

Place the crystal over your Third Eye (between the eyebrows), and say the mantra out loud: “I allow my inner sparkle, light and radiance to shine through.” Visualize yourself inside your Third Eye with light shining out of your body, and expanding. Do this for 11 minutes.

For Confidence.


Carnelian is the crystal of joy, and confidence. It also partners with our second chakra—responsible for creativity—and helps us to tap into our inner strengths. This stone helps us embrace our inner talents. With this boost in confidence, our life’s purpose is rejuvenated—and what’s more sexy than confidence?

Carnelian ritual:

Hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand (the one you do not write with) and ask yourself, “what are my gifts?”, “What am I here to do?”. Write the first three things that come to your mind. Wrap the crystal in the paper you wrote on and carry with you for 14 days.

Happy Healing : )

Photo Credit: Pexels



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