Mental Clarity In A Smoothie: Get Yours Now

Too many superfood choices not enough time. What do we do to decide? The list of possibilities are endless. If you want that energizing feeling get some help from these superfoods. Mix and match these six add ins for a powerful boost against brain fog.


All fats do not make you fat. Some fats actually help you lose weight and improve your cognitive health. MCT oil is known as medium chain triglycerides, a cool supplement because the body often metabolizes these fats into ketones, which serve as an alternative energy for neurons and protect the brain. MCT oil may also have a therapeutic effect on patients with Alzheimer’s disease by supporting mental clarity.

When looking for MCT oil, look for brands that contain a high concentration of short chain fats: more “C8” than “C10” (the numbers tell how long the carbon chain is). The shorter the fat the faster the body can turn it into usable energy. MCT is a great substitution for limiting caffeine intake or increasing energy levels ( 2:00 blues). Start with 1 teaspoon a day and slowly increase, make sure you do this slowly too much MCT can upset your stomach.


Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb that was used for its adaptogenic qualities because it helps to reduce stress by increasing GABA levels. (GABA is known as the calming neurotransmitter.) Use powdered ashwagandha and start with a small amount—some people have reported it to be more sedating than stimulating.

Bee Pollen

bee pollen


Bee pollen is exactly what it sounds like. It is flower pollen harvested by honey bees. It has adaptogenic properties that help memory function and improve our ability to think, learn, and concentrate. It’s also a perfect source of B vitamins, which are great for the body’s energy and neurotransmitter pathways, helping you to think more clearly and energetically.

Bee pollen has a subtle and sweet flavor making it a perfect garnish on your foods. Check out these Turmeric Smoothies.


Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb and antioxidant that stimulates cognitive function, decreases mental fatigue, and increases exercise performance. But what makes this root especially intriguing is its antidepressant qualities? The phytonutrients found in rhodiola affect mood and energy by regulating neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. A quick warning: It’s an easy addiction. If you’re a creature of habit, it’s best to take a break every two weeks to maximize its powers.


This vegetable root is originally found in South America in Peru and Bolivia. It is used to improve memory. This ground root product taste is a caramel like flavor, add it to any shake and enjoy : )


These magical seeds offer omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for brain development, mental clarity and neuron functioning. Omega-3 is usually found in sea food which makes chia a great alternative for some vegans and vegetarians who want to get their omega-3 from wholefoods. Chia is a thickener so start with one teaspoon and increase depending on thickness likings.

Blessing from Atlanta : )

Photo Credit: Pexels



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