Healthier Cocktails: I’ll Take Two Please

Yes summer, a season filled with picnics and beach gatherings and LIQUOR! It seems that summer time activities always come with a side of vodka, and it can be hard to continue the wellness patterns with alcohol as the social nature. While drinking hard core is never recommended, it is important to remember to continue to live a life full of balance, here are a few tricks to help keep everything peachy:

Use wine and hard liquor as your base

Avoid additives and flavorful liquors that are packed with sugars. These will be the fun shaped bottles, better to leave them on the table at the picnics. This includes white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, vodka, rum, whiskey, and tequila (this does not mean apple flavored vodka or hard lemonade).

Tequila gets major kudos for being made from avagin, which makes it naturally sweet so you can avoid all of the extra add ins.

Stay away from syrup and other add ins

These are all pure sugar, even if they include rosemary, instead use natural ways to sweeten, such as relying on fruits. Go heavy on the fruits, add berries to the bottom of your cup, or slide an orange peel in for garnish (Essential oils in the orange peel are an added bonus)

Bitters are actually sweet to you

Bitters are the best way to add interest to your cocktails. These are mixes of herbs and spices extracted in alcohol and they have been used medicinally traditionally for digestion help. Reach for chocolate, celery, and other flavors to add excitement to vodka. Make sure your brands are free from artificial colors and flavors.

Always make them hydrating

Not just sparkling water, but get creative with sodium rich celery juice or cucumber. Which hydrates on a cellular level and helps rid the nasty hangover feeling. They also add flavor, Melons are usually found in the desert climates acting as a water vessel for the drying areas. Take advantage and blend your favorite melons and add your favorite liquor.

Enjoys some flavor filled cocktails and dive deeper into understanding why bitters are the best secret to digestion health.

Photo Credit: Pexels



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